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Our Purpose

The purpose of Cruisin’ Gratiot is to organize an annual car cruise as a community event which is family friendly, highlights the city of Eastpointe, encourages visitors to patronize local businesses, and provides a forum for local charities to raise funds.

In addition to securing funding for the event from various major sponsors, Eastpointe Cruisin’ Gratiot will donate proceeds to charitable organizations which focus on local needs. If you know of or support a local charity and would like for it to be considered for a future cruise, please download and complete the Charity Registration form.

Successful Cruises

Our Beneficiaries

Over the years, the following organizations have received either monetary or in-kind donations:

How did the Cruise Start?


A simple question posed in 1998 by then-Cloverleaf General Manager Carol Corrie to Eastpointe Police Safety Officer Tom Ostrowski went something like this:


“What would be the possibility of a Classic Car Cruise on Gratiot?”


Officer Ostrowski was polite but not encouraging. Others responded with, ‘it will never fly’ or ‘what, are you nuts?’ But Carol persevered and here’s what happened later that year and in 1999:


  • Carol Corrie invited to join the Eastpointe Roseville Chamber of Commerce, then shares the idea of the Cruise
  • Carol partners with Jim Winn, business owner, Eastpointe resident, and major car enthusiast
  • The first Cruise was set for June 20, 1999, setting up the precedent of holding the event at the same time every year, the Saturday before Father’s Day
  • The Cruise gains support of then-Mayor Harvey Curley (who is now the current Cruise President), Eastpointe City Council and City Department Heads, and Eastpointe Police and Fire Departments.
  • ‘Doubting’ Thomas Ostrowski, along with then-Police Chief Tom Danbert and then-Inspector Mike Lauretti, are all instrumental in getting a dedicated Cruise lane through MDOT (Michigan Department of Transportation). Lauretti later became Police Chief.
  • The Eastpointe-Roseville Chamber of Commerce became the umbrella organization creating the Cruise.

The First Cruisin’ Gratiot Board was named in 1999. Board members included:

Current Board Members

  • Harvey Curley – President
  • Jim Mischel – Vice President
  • Diane Reece Seger – Treasurer
  • Kathy DiCenzo Wodecki – Secretary
  • Kevin Rowley
  • Sheila Ulinski
  • Ken Thiel
  • Sharon Upton

Steering Committee

  • Kim Barich – Registration
  • Paul Mastalanski – Security / Parking
  • Tim Csokas – Media
  • Pat Mann – Director Emeritus
  • Mariah Walton